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Enriching the value of data through the Network Effect

Segregation creates vulnerability. As the annual impact of fraud in Canada is crossing $2 Billion, a holistic view of transactional data can help make better evidence-based decisions.

At Symcor, we are investing in solutions that provide a broad view of financial transactions beyond geographical boundaries. Through our COR.IQ platform and services, organizations can receive timely and accurate signals of fraudulent transactions from across the network.

What is COR.IQ?

COR.IQ connects data, people and companies leveraging networked insights sourced from an alliance of organizations. This networked data ecosystem is capable of enhancing the Trust in a customer by providing a holistic view into that customer's financial behaviour across organizations, thus reducing the chances of fraud.


COR.IQ is offering a unique opportunity in Canada to ignite a paradigm shift. Leveraging the agility of COR.IQ, and backed by the vast experience of Symcor, organizations can reduce their operational complexities by joining the alliance and utilizing expert fraud prevention tools and services.

  • Mitigate Fraud Losses


    Are you responsible for mitigating Fraud Losses at a bank?

    Financial Institutions own a rich pool of transactional data. However, siloes across operations often cannot differentiate between fraudulent transactions and slightly unusual transactions.

    With networked data, organizations gain better intelligence that creates deeper trust in every transaction. Leveraging collaboration and integration of assets and processes, COR.IQ enables efficient fraud risk management that leads to a reduction in fraud losses and enhanced customer experience.

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  • Fraud Analytics


    Are you looking to leverage some of the most sophisticated big data solutions in your fight against fraud?

    Fraudsters use sophisticated technology and knowledge of current financial operations to bypass traditional means of fraud detection. To combat the rising threat of fraud, it is imperative for fraud operations and analytics teams to have a cross-bank customer-centric view of every transaction.

    COR.IQ offers a significant fraud prevention advantage to such teams by networking data, people and organizations. Teams gain operational efficiency and insights into advanced analytics that further eliminate duplication of efforts via automation through Trusted Artificial Intelligence.

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  • Fraud Operations


    Are you looking to optimize your fraud operations?

    With the looming threat of disruption, financial institutions are focused on investing capital into revenue generating activities, while cutting spending in cost centers.

    Symcor's BPO offering can drive savings of up to 30%, and provide added benefits such as optimized operations, improved customer experience and ease of compliance burden. Financial Institutions can leverage the proven experience of Symcor as a trusted back office processor to do all the heavy lifting for them.

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  • FinTech connectivity hub


    Are you interested in a connectivity hub to validate your solutions?

    FinTechs are constantly trying to enhance offerings that deliver better value to their clients by driving costs down and improving tech-driven financial solutions. Without a consistent data resource stream or a secure platform, it is nearly impossible to aggregate reliable and real-time financial data to provide the most effective FinTech solutions.

    The COR.IQ Platform makes this possible by enabling secure connectivity to banks within a strict legal and data governance framework. The Trust Network provides a competitive advantage to the Fintech winners of the future.

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